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Nazareth Speedway


In the early 1900s, Nazareth Speedway opened its gates to bring dirt racing to the masses. Located in the industrious town of Nazareth, these tracks hosted many racing legends, such as Mario Andretti, Frankie Schneider, and Al Tasnady, over the years. As the tracks became more popular for racing events, cars got faster, safety rules were modified, and track configurations were changed. In the late 1980s, asphalt was brought in to cover the big dirt track that Nazareth was known for. The new asphalt tri-oval course design was unique and challenged its drivers. Shortly thereafter, IRC merged with Roger Penske, and the track closed in 2004.


Author Bio: Tracy L. Berger-Carmen grew up minutes from the track and as a girl listened to her father’s stories about running in demolition derbies and working on friends’ cars at the speedway. In 2004, Berger-Carmen had the opportunity to become a track photographer and capture images of racing legends, mechanics, and spectators that lived and breathed racing. Three years later, she began a racing career of her own.

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